Frequently Asked Questions


Driving License Required

  • All customers must have a European or International Driving License or issued from their country of origin. 

Age requirement

  • The minimum drivers age for rental is 23 years old and the maximum is 75 years.

Visiting Greek Islands

  • Renters may ferry our cars to all Greek Islands for free with a pre-authorized permission.
  • No additional documentation is required.

What is C.D.W. and Full Insurance

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW ) limits a renters’ liability for all kind of accidents committed by the renter to a maximum amount as agreed (the deductible amount).
  • The deductible ranges between € 400.00 and € 1,000.00 depending on the selected category. This means that if the customer has an accident and it is his fault, the maximum amount he will have to pay for that accident is the deductible.
  • For example, in case of an accident with damages of € 100.00, the customer will have to pay the amount of € 100.00. An accident with damages of € 2,000.00 will only require the customer to pay the amount of  the deductible.

Receiving the Rental Car Upon Arrival at the Athens International Airport?

  • After exiting baggage claim and passing through Immigrations for passport control (only for travellers arriving from outside of the Schengen zone), you will be exiting from one of the two terminals: Terminal A (Extra-Schengen) or Terminal B (Intra-Schengen) into the Arrivals hall.
  • After exiting into the Arrivals hall, you will notice one of our representatives who will be holding a sign with your name.
  • The car will be parked right outside and the paper work and documentation will not take us more than 5 minutes (It would be advised to have handy the Driving License and Passport/ID of the driver(s).
  • Now you are free to start your journey in Greece!

Renting without a credit card is possible: 

  • In case the customer is not holding any credit card in his possession, we offer our services in exchange of providing us a cash guarantee from € 500.00 up to € 1,000.00, depending on vehicle category.
  • This guarantee will be required at the beginning of the rental in addition to the rental cost.
  • Upon the return of the vehicle, the guarnatee amount will be returned in full as long as the vehicle returns in the same condition. 

Change or Cancellation to the Reservation

  • Reservations can be changed or cancelled at any point before picking up the vehicle.
  • If you have picked up the vehicle and wish to keep it longer you may update the reservation by informing us of the new return date by e-mail or a phone call.
  • Any change to the reservation will affect the quoted rate. 

Add Another Driver to my Rental Agreement

  • Additional drivers can be added provided that they meet the same renter requirements as the primary driver.